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U.S. West souvenir program page corrected

media-graphic-09Checking in
Before arriving at the stadium, you must inform Assistant Tournament Director Communications Ryan Robbins of the names of your reporters, photographers, or broadcasters assigned by your publication or station. Broadcasters, let us know whether you need a telephone line before you arrive. Before you can broadcast, you must have a contract with Little League International. After you submit your credentials request, the communications staff will provide you with additional information.

All news media must enter the stadium via the staff gate, next to Sawyer Arena. You must wear your credentials at all times while inside the stadium. Please be prepared to show a photo ID when picking up your credentials.

Press box
A limited number of seats are available in the Mansfield Stadium press box. Seating is not guaranteed. The press box is not enclosed, so keep this in mind when deciding whether to bring electronic devices when there is a chance of rain. For radio broadcasters, a limited number of telephone lines are available. These lines are open for receiving incoming calls only. A wireless Internet connection will be available for reporters to access statistics and to transmit stories. The connection may not be used to transmit a broadcast.

Because of space requirements for ESPN, there will be no seats available in the press box for the championship game. We will accommodate journalists covering the game as best we can by designating alternative seating.

photographers-09Player and team information
Information sheets with historical notes on each of the 10 regions will be available in PDF at this Web page Saturday night. The notes will cover facts and figures from 2002 through the present. A complimentary souvenir program will be available to credentialed journalists only beginning Sunday afternoon. The program will include rosters and regional tournament scores of all 10 teams, as well as a roster of umpires. Corrections will be made available here.

Game information
Online scoring will be available on the World Series website. A limited number of printed copies of each game’s box score will be available after each game.

Credentialed photographers will be allowed to shoot from designated areas, whose space will be limited.

If shooting from the grandstand, please be mindful of spectators behind you. Do not block spectators’ vision or stand in one place too long.

We will not be responsible for unattended equipment.

interviews-13Player and coach interviews
Reporters will not be allowed to interview players on the field at any time: before, during, or after the game, without permission from the communications director. This is to ensure the safety of reporters and players and coaches, as well as to enable the grounds crew to prepare the field. Post-game interviews must be done at the designated interview area.

If a reporter wishes to get information about an umpire’s ruling on the field, the communications director or his assistant will be available to contact the World Series umpire in chief or tournament director for more information. This courtesy will be extended only for decisions regarding playing rules or ground rules.

Although many of you will be here to cover your home team, please remember that you are journalists first. Cheering or booing, of either team or the umpires, is not appropriate. You may be asked to leave the press box or other designated media areas and turn in your credentials if you engage in such conduct.

_igp97030002Frequency coordination
With increasing use of wireless microphone systems, we recommend that media using a wireless system scan a new frequency list each day upon arriving at the stadium before selecting a frequency, to avoid interfering with one another. International media outlets intending to use a wireless microphone system should familiarize themselves with U.S. Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations regarding such systems. FCC rules prohibit the use of wireless systems that operate at 698-806 MHz.

Unmanned aerial vehicles
Media wishing to use unmanned aerial vehicles must obtain permission to use such aircraft around Mansfield Stadium from the Federal Aviation Administration tower at Bangor International Airport, as Mansfield Stadium is within 5 miles of the airport. Such aircraft may not be flown over the confines of Mansfield Stadium during play and may not be flown outside of the stadium’s confines in a manner that is distracting to players.